Chapter Four


Lost in her thoughts, the woman sat on the staircase, her eyes fixated on the denim jacket given to her by the man. Instead of leaving the jacket outside the door and departing, she stayed on. Returning the jacket was not her purpose - she came to catch a glimpse of him.

Glancing at the small handbag adorning her shoulder, she chanced upon an idea. She pulled out a pen, delicately tore a tiny page from her notepad and began to write on it.

She approached the door of the man’s apartment once again, carefully slipping the note through the narrow gap beneath the door. Before leaving, she could not resist turning back to look at the door, as if anticipating someone to open it and step out. Feeling a sense of loss, she finally descended the stairs.

“Thanks for lending me your jacket. This visit may seem abrupt, but there’s something enchanting I must share. I’ve smelled your scent in my dreams.” So wrote the woman on the note.