About Allover




Motivated by passion and a keen interest in fashion, Anson Lo is announcing the official launch of his own label ‘ALLOVER’, unveiling a whole new dimension in the fashion industry.


ALLOVER is a portmanteau for AL LOVER (AL being the initials of Anson Lo) and also means ‘everything’ and ‘everywhere’ - expressing the clothing brand’s desire to spread passion and love for fashion to every corner of the world.


“It’s not about trends.

It’s all about love.”


Breaking away from conventions and norms, ALLOVER’s creative directions will not be dictated by trends of typical fashion seasons. Instead, the brand seeks inspiration by exploring the subtle emotions and interactions between individuals.


The founder of ALLOVER, Anson Lo emphasised: “From the inception, the brand is conceived with love at the core. In my mind, fashion is not dictated by any specific trends – as long as you express love for what you wear, that becomes your unique sense of style. So, love is the key element in my label.”   


Therefore, ALLOVER fashion collections will be presented in the form of a romance novel, where every collection is crafted as chapters of a love story. The creative team takes on the role of screenwriters to imagine the soliloquies of the leading male and female protagonists before drafting the dialogues that reflect the developing relationship between the two lovers and the buildup of the entire story.   


“When we talk about seasons,

it’s more like the seasons of a romantic drama series.”


Unlike the traditional approach of introducing new designs in the S/S (spring/summer) and F/W (fall/winter) seasons, ALLOVER will launch collections as sequential chapters of a romance novel. As the brand focuses on the emotional connection between individuals which does not hinge on seasonality, ALLOVER collections will be released in an episodic manner akin to a drama series. This creates anticipation for what’s coming next and allows the wearer to feel a sense of immersion and warmth towards ALLOVER.


In addition, chapters of the ALLOVER fashion-romance anthology can eventually be weaved into a complete script - turning a creative venture in fashion into romance literature or even crossing over into the realms of films and drama series.


ALLOVER by Anson Lo. Featuring collections released as chapters of a romance novel to heighten anticipation and emotions, with design and patterns inspired by dialogues and human interactions.  


“It’s not about trends.

It’s all about love.”