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- The Prelude to Romance -

My senses were stirred by the familiar fragrance that awakened me completely.
As I slightly widened my eyes, a faint and blurry cross-shaped glow slowly formed through the hazy mist, gently drawing me towards it.

In that very moment, amidst the emptiness of space, I chanced upon a heartbeat. With every beat, something is coming alive. Something, is being born.

Everything was shrouded in silence, and there wasn’t a single ray of light. The world and its senses were enveloped in a hazy fog harking back to the very beginning of time, when everything was ambiguous and formless.

And then suddenly, out of the emptiness, a delicate fragrance began to permeate the void and awaken a myriad of emotions.

The fresh and pure scent of Cyclamen florals is reminiscent of innocent young lovers, sweet yet tinged with shyness and reservation.

Coumarin brings a creamy hint of almond, cinnamon and vanilla that exudes the light, refreshing warmth of sun-kissed hay on mountain pastures.

Exotic Eastern tones of musk is indulgently rich yet mysterious, seductively spicy yet sensual. Evocative of an intimacy filled with adventure and intrigue, seemingly close yet unbearably distant like love itself.

Scent of ALLOVER ‘BORN’ is a story about how love can manifest in an instant. Enchantingly crafted and perfected by expert Japanese perfumers, it is an invitation for all to find the answer to love, under the same vast sky.


Eau De Parfum


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